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August 11, 2015


Dear Parents and Students:


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Tharptown High School! I hope you had an outstanding summer break. Since I have great expectations for my students, I expect us to have a smooth and productive year.


We will establish and discuss classroom rules and consequences, my expectations, and our procedures early during the first week of school. Please read, discuss, and adhere to the following class information. Parents and students, sign the last page of this letter and return only the signed page to me by Thursday, August 13, 2015, for a 100 reading daily grade. Keep the rest of the letter and class information for your records.


Classroom Rules

1.      Respect yourself and others.

2.      Utilize your classroom time effectively.

3.      Listen attentively during instruction.

4.      Evaluate your attitude daily.

5.      Stay focused and on task.



            Always prepared


            Effort = 100%

Hand Signals

1        Restroom

2        Tissue

3        Pencil

4        Trash

5        Question



            *Unless I give a student permission, no student will be behind my desk.

            *No student will use my computer.

            *All purses and bags must stay on the floor to the left of your desk.

*Listen quietly as the teacher or other faculty/staff speaks or teaches; this includes

            announcements spoken over the intercom.

            *Listen quietly as another student asks a question or participates in class discussion.

            *Raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher to speak.

            *Throw away all trash at the end of class when the bell rings and I dismiss you. If you

            need to clean up a mess or throw away used tissue, use hand signal 4.      

            *I dismiss you at the end of class, not the bell. Do not start moving around or packing

            your things when the bell rings or is about to ring. If you do, you will leave last.

*Gum is permitted as long as the floor, desks, counters, and cabinets stay gum free;

however, leave all food and drink out of the classroom.

            *Follow directions closely.

            *Breaking and throwing pencils or pencil parts is not tolerated.

*Each time you are tardy, you will sign my tardy notebook. Students who are tardy to  

first period must see Mrs. Dill in the office to receive a tardy slip. After your first tardy,

you receive a warning. After your second tardy, you lose break. After your third tardy,

your parents will be notified. After the fourth tardy, you are placed in ISS.

*As soon as you enter the classroom, before I check roll on Monday-Thursday,

quietly get your journal from the appropriate basket and complete your journal entry

(Reading 7), or copy and correct or answer bell work in the bell work      

section of your binder (English 7). One student will take up the journals and return

them to the counter.

*Language Arts 8 will complete a journal entry and grammar bell work Tuesdays-


*Reading 7 and Language Arts 8 will complete the week’s spelling lesson on Mondays,

study for the week’s spelling test quietly upon entering the classroom on Fridays, and

take the spelling/vocabulary test on Fridays.

*Textbooks will not be issued in my class this year. All textbooks (grammar books

and literature books), stay in the classroom in the tray under the desk. If you do not

finish class work or you are absent, you must check out a book from me to complete an

assignment at home.

*The two extra computers in the classroom are for projects and test preparation.

*Cell phones, cameras, headphones (ear buds), and media players will be taken up and

sent to the office unless you have been instructed to use headphones (ear buds) for

certain projects.



1.      Verbal warning

2.      Lose break. (Remember, break is a privilege.)

3.      Sit in the blue chair in the back of the classroom in silence and write a three-page personal reflection.

4.      Parental notification (call and note)

5.      Referral to principal


Students are not allowed to leave class to go to their locker for assignments, work, books, pencils, paper, etc. Students are allowed two emergency restroom passes per nine weeks (no rollovers). If you have a medical problem, I must have a note from your doctor. Once you get to class, do not ask to go to the restroom shortly before or shortly after class begins. Simply go to the restroom between classes, during break, and after lunch. If you do leave the classroom for an emergency, you must sign out. If you manage your time well, you will be able to go to the restroom between classes, during break, and at lunch.








Reading 7

            40%-major tests, book reports, projects, and journal (checked twice per 9 weeks)

            30%-spelling lessons and spelling tests

            30%-homework/daily work



English 7

            40%-major tests, paragraphs, essays, and projects

            30%-quizzes, test reviews, grammar bell work

            30%-homework/daily work


Language Arts 8

40%-major tests, paragraphs, essays, book reports, journal, and projects

            30%-quizzes, spelling/vocabulary tests, and grammar bell work

            30%-homework/daily work






Supplies (Reading 7 & English 7 & Language Arts 8)


*Mechanical pencils or pens (black or blue

ink only)

*2-inch 3-ring binder filled with loose leaf paper to use for English & Reading

*1 box of wooden pencils

*8 Tab dividers

*1 pack copy paper or disinfecting wipes

*2 boxes of Kleenex

*$10 Nook e-book donation (paid by Friday,

August 14, 2015)



I welcome parental communication. Class information is updated on my webpage. You may get to my webpage by visiting the Tharptown High School website at You may reach me at school by calling 256-332-6485 or e-mail me at Thank you for your support.




Meletha Walker




Please sign this page and return it to me by Thursday, August 13, 2015. (Donation due by Friday, August 14, 2015).


I have read and discussed Mrs. Walker’s 2015-2016 classroom information, rules, expectations, procedures, and consequences. In addition, I give permission for my child’s picture to be posted on the Internet for class projects, field trips, and the classroom blog. By signing below, I agree to follow and adhere to the information provided in this letter.



_____________________________         ____________________________         __________

Parent (Guardian) Print Name                   Parent (Guardian) Signature                    Date



_____________________________         ____________________________         __________

Student Print Name                                   Student Signature                                                Date



___________________          ______________________       ___________________________

Parent’s Phone                        Parent’s E-mail Address            ___________________________                                                                                                                  ___________________________

                                                                                                   Mailing Address
















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