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Meletha Walker Staff Photo

Supply List 

Supply List ~ Mrs. Walker ~ All Classes Eng 7 and Eng 8


Mechanical pencils or pens (black or blue ink only) for daily use


One pack of wooden pencils for standardized testing


2-inch 3-ring binder filled with loose leaf paper and pocket dividers

(may be shared with other classes)


1 pack copy paper or disinfectant wipes (ex, Lysol, Clorox, or generic store brand)


1 boxes of facial tissue (ex. Kleenex)

An inexpensive dictionary ($5 or less)


$10 NOOK books/class donation





THS Voices ~ Mrs. Walker


$25 class fee


Black pants for performances (In addition to the class fee, we will purchase a t-shirt/Polo shirt when school begins.)


Loose leaf paper


Mechanical pencil (no pens)






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