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Supply List 

Supply List for all of Mrs. Fretwell’s English classes



  • Three--ring binder (2-inch) for this class only!     
  • 5 Tab dividers labeled as such:
    • Vocabulary lessons
    • Grammarnotes and assignments
    • Literature notes, assignments, and vocabulary
    • Writing notes, rough drafts, and final drafts
    • Bell Work daily activities other than journals
  • Loose-leaf paper ALL work must be completed      using loose-leaf paper
  • Writing Composition Notebook (Journal, calendars)
  • Black or blue pens NO      pink, purple, etc. (these are the colors I like to grade with!)
  • Red pen this will be used for      grading and peer editing
  • 50- 4x6 lined index cards for      research paper (may be purchased at a later time)
  • 200 3x5 index cards for      vocabulary (may buy 100 now and 100 mid-term)
  • Highlighter pen
  • One ream of paper
  • $5 Nook usage fee will      cover the cost of the novels
  • Kleenex
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Not required but requested

  • Cleaning supplies (board cleaner, Lysol, Spic and      Span, etc.)
  • One tube of tennis balls
  • A $20 donation to the classroom for other needed      supplies (such as book tape, pencils, pens, etc.)

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