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D Thorn Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Drivers Education, Enrichment, Health, Remediation, Two Dimensional Art, Visual Arts I, Visual Arts II


BS from The University of North Alabama in Graphic Art and Photography, 1981

Teacher's certificate in Art Education, Pre-k through 12th grade, University of North Alabama, 1989

Drivers Education Certificate, Jacksonville State University, 1998

Health Education,2008


I have been teaching in the Franklin County school system since fall of 2005. I have two daughters that received their educations at Red Bay schools.  They now have grown up and are continuing their education. I am married to Donald Thorn of Red Bay and he is a great husband and my greatest friend. He helps support and encourages me in doing things for my students.

I really enjoy sharing my love for art  with my students and people of all ages. I feel my students are very fortuate to have art at Tharptown . We are the only school in the county that offers it.

Since Tharptown is a fairly new High School, we didn't have any Wildcat images on the campus so I was asked to paint some. I painted the Wildcat in the gym and  the T in the lobby of the gym. I also painted the wildcat in the office area. I hope my students will be able to do any future artwork in the school.



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