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  • Tharptown High School    Russellville, AL
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    Harassment Complaint Form
    RC&D Grant

    Sports Events
    •  Phil Campbell Away 4:00 8G,8B,9G,9B  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  VB TimesDaily Classic vs. Belgreen 4:30 @ Florence  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  Red Bay Away 4:30 8B,8G,9B  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  VB TimesDaily Classic  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  Vina Home 12:00 8G, 8B, VG, VB  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  Russellville Away 10:00 9G,9B  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    •  Tanner Away 3:00 BV,VG,VB  (Varsity Boys Basketball)
    School Closing and Early Dismissal
    Information regarding school closings and/or early dismissal will be posted on the Franklin County Schools' Twitter feed and...

    At Tharptown High School, we welcome parental involvement. It is vital to your studnet, that you remain involved in their...
    Welcome table for parents

    See your child's grades, attendance, and more from home.

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